Segmentation: defining the right target

Our client

Our client is an authentic Asian brand with a long heritage and is a major player in the ambient oriental market. The focus of their communications had been a pre-family audience, however, they suspected that this was not the most appropriate target.

The task

We were asked to create a segmentation that would redefine Asian cuisine consumer groups and identify the brand’s core target, along with the key levers that would strengthen both emotional engagement and rational perceptions of the brand.

What we did

As well as the usual rational questions expected in a segmentation study, we incorporated both Metaphorix® and Automatix®, our unique System 1 tools, to measure emotional and implicit response and gain a greater depth of understanding. This led to an attitudinal segmentation with seven distinct segments that revealed the underlying reasons for cooking Asian dishes along with consumer attitudes towards the oriental food category.

What we learnt and outcome

Our segmentation confirmed a new target audience to address.

We identified two segments that account for a quarter of the market and appear to be a heartland for our client – both groups get a real sense of happiness from cooking Asian food, and engage with, and have strong perceptions of our client’s brand.

We also delivered a detailed profile of all 7 oriental food segments, including:

  • Demographic profile
  • Product repertoire
  • Attitudes towards oriental food and reasons for cooking
  • Their relationship with the brand (awareness, usage, emotional engagement, implicit and explicit perceptions)
  • Media usage

This highlighted a number of implications and opportunities for brand targeting and communications.


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