The task

eBay is a massive player in the online retail market. Those who use their site regularly hold strongly favourable beliefs about it, but there are still plenty of non-users who are much less clear or positive. eBay needed to know why.

What we did

We tested new advertising (in animatic) designed to engage with and attract non-users, incorporating our Metaphorix® and emotional and social response animations and Automatix® implicit association test along with more conventional measures.

What we learnt

Explicit testing showed some improvement in their feelings towards eBay , whereas the implicit approach revealed a strong (and hitherto unknown) negative bias against eBay for being time consuming.

Moreover, it showed that negative beliefs were reduced dramatically after seeing the ad.

The outcome

The combined implicit/metaphorical method gave eBay confidence that advertising could challenge resistance among non-users, and extend the brand’s franchise. When the ad was run, it led to the highest ever consideration scores recorded for eBay non-users


From insight to foresight
Customer research experts: bringing together rational, emotional and implicit to increase predictive power