Early stage concepts – to nurture or to ditch?

Our client

 A multi-national manufacturer of personal care brands

The task

To screen 20 early-stage product ideas from R & D, to identify those most resonant with consumers.

What we did

The ideas were at such an early stage that an over-reliance on rational measures (eg purchase intent) ran the risk of providing misleading results.

We knew that we needed to understand consumers’ intuitive response to the ideas; so in addition to rational measures we incorporated our unique avatar-based Metaphorix® questions to measure people’s subconscious gut reaction to new ideas.

What we learnt

We identified the ideas that ticked both the emotional and rational boxes; exciting new ideas that would generate most interest when brought to market in several years’ time – not just today’s safe bets.


From insight to foresight
Customer research experts: bringing together rational, emotional and implicit to increase predictive power