Our Mind Model® studies reveal only around 40% of consumer decisions are driven by rational factors

Mind science tells us that there are five key drivers of consumer decision-making of which only one is accessible rationally. The remaining four are hidden in our implicit mind (System 1). Other approaches to modelling choice only address rational beliefs, so they are missing half the picture.

The Mind Model® is different.

It is able to identify and measure the specific factors driving rational, emotional and implicit response and quantify their contribution towards brand choice. It then drills down to quantify the contribution of each factor and identify priorities for driving brand growth.

Our clients have found it delivers “really powerful commercial insight”

The five key drivers of consumer decision-making. Only one is accessible through rational questioning.

The Mind Model® brings everything together, then drills down to individual factors to prioritise the contribution each makes to driving brand performance.

Brand Potential Score

The Mind Model® is also the engine behind our proprietary measures; the Brand Potential Score and the Idea Potential score. These uniquely powerful conjunctive measures weight all rational, emotional and implicit attributes against their importance in driving choice to create a single, powerful metric. They bring even greater clarity to prioritisation and decision making in tracking, advertising, segmentation and concept testing.


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