2016 MRS Award Winner of Innovation in Research Methodology

Explicit research measures the entrenched beliefs that people default to – Implicit measures allow us to bypass this to see what people really think. This can reveal beliefs which, while not processed explicitly, are established in implicit memory through advertising and brand experience.

Automatix® is an award-winning development of Reaction–Time (RT) based approaches.  It incorporates priming into the test in order to ensure that we pick up the true implicit response. It takes into account the impact of the prime along with percentage, consistency and speed of association of a word with the brand, to reveal implicit perceptions consumer’s may hold.

These implicit measures allow us to understand ‘hidden’ brand barriers and opportunities.

1. Respondents are ‘primed’ with a brand logo which is flashed on the screen

2. They are then shown a series of words, and asked to associate each of them with the brand. The response time is captured for each word.

3. The output reveals which words are implicitly associated with the brand (i.e. highest association and shortest time to associate)


From insight to foresight
Customer research experts: bringing together rational, emotional and implicit to increase predictive power