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Conquest has one of the largest independent field forces in the UK, with around 500 interviewers operating nationally; and delivering high quality fieldwork is our priority.

We are experts in all types of face-to-face interviewing, including central location tests, in-home interviews, and street interviews.

Our interviewers and supervisors have extensive experience of conducting a wide range of studies: product tests; packaging and concept tests; large scale U&As, tracking studies, and ad tests.

As well as the fieldwork itself, we can handle all logistics, including product de-branding and control. All operations are handled through our experienced head office team, supported by 10 regional supervisors.

Our policy is to offer competitive quotations whilst ensuring interviewers are fairly rewarded.
We also have coding and data processing capabilities in-house, which means that we can offer our clients field and tabulation in addition to fieldwork only.

Conquest operates to the internal procedures of the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.
We're Experts in face-to-face inteviewing
Field and data processing services