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Our latest innovation, Charismatix™, is the only tool that can identify the specific building blocks that drive brand love (or hate). We do this by measuring Self Brand Overlap™: the cognitive distance between the self and a brand.

What's new?

Conventional research into brand personality makes the mistake of asking a direct question and believing the answer. Charismatix™ is the the first research tool to use indirect measurement to get to the hidden truth about the values that people share with, and love about, brands.

Charismatix™ is built on a body of evidence that demonstrates that the values of a brand that are most predictive of brand love are those that overlap with the consumers' view of their own values. Charismatix;™ uses indirect and non-verbal techniques to measure Self Brand Overlap™ - the cognitive distance between the self and a brand.

As a result, Charismatix™ can tell you:

New Charismatix™: predicting brand love