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Optimising creative to develop an award winning campaign

Our Task - To evaluate the effectiveness of the 'It Has to be Heinz'
TV advertising, and provide recommendations for optimisation.

Our Approach - Heinz has incorporated our Metaphorix® emotional and social response animations into its communications testing and tracking. Through the tracker and an associated qualitative online forum, we identified areas for creative optimisation of the advertising. Re-edits were than pre-tested.

What we learned - Pre-testing of alternative edits provided evidence that a new end shot would improve the prominence of the Heinz brand; and a revised vignette featuring a 'waving' baby would significantly increase warmth, excitement and buzz.

The outcome - The new version aired and the campaign went on to deliver over £12m in incremental revenue, and won awards, including the IPA Silver Effectiveness Award 2010. The campaign continued to reinforce Heinz's brand strength, recognised in the You Gov brand index, 2011, in which Heinz is ranked 5th (across 850 brands) and top food brand.
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