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Conquest's brand health and advertising tracking work

We conduct an ongoing tracker of brand and advertising across the 8 key foods categories in which Heinz operates, as well as a semi-continuous tracker in the infant feeding category. Insights from the study contributed directly to the development and optimisation of the IPA effectiveness award-winning 'It has to be Heinz' campaign.
Conquest has tracked the brand since 2007, and our unique insights into the drivers of emotional engagement and social contagion have helped them to develop the "opera singer" campaign which has proved a highly effective counter-blast to the mega-successful 'Meerkat' campaign for CompareTheMarket.
KFC is Conquest's longest standing client and we monitor its brand equity, the success of new product launches as well as the effectiveness of its brand communications via an ongoing tracker covering both UK and Ireland. KFC use this study to set key performance targets for their advertising agency and as a vital input to their brand planning process.
Case Study Tracking