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Conquest & eBay win 2014 MRS Innovation in Research Methodology Award

Conquest has won the prestigious MRS Innovation in Research Methodology Award for its ground-breaking work on how to measure implicit response to brands and advertising. Despite growing consensus that the truth (about brand communications) lies submerged, in our implicit mind, there's much uncertainty about how to reach it. Direct questioning fails, because people cannot express attitudes that they don't know they possess, and because it encourages slow, effortful appraisal.

Called 'Our Lips are Sealed', the paper (downloadable by clicking the link below) explains how Conquest combined the power of metaphor with response latency to create a new approach - called Automatix® - to measure fast, automatic, implicit response to brands and advertising

It shows how Conquest used Automatix® to evaluate a new campaign for eBay, designed to "reignite the strong positive emotional feelings that many still have for the brand".

The paper demonstrates that the Automatix® approach delivered a number of insights denied to conventional approaches:

  • It revealed that eBay non-users had a strong (and hitherto unclear) negative bias towards the brand
  • It showed that these negative beliefs could successfully be challenged by new ATL advertising
  • Most importantly it produced a vital step-change in understanding of the role of ATL within eBay
  • And it delivered a strong case for inclusion of ATL advertising in eBay's future marketing mix.

This paper is of interest to any marketers or researchers attempting to navigate and make sense of the new brand communications landscape, where persuasion gives way to emotion and where direct questioning evokes a non-automatic (and less than truthful) response.

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